Saturday, January 24, 2009

Author Presents: The Story of Hollywood

Gregory Paul Williams, the author of "The Story of Hollywood: An Illustrated History," will be doing a slide show and discussion of his award winning book at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, next Saturday, January 31. The event starts at 2:00p.m.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of this beautiful hardcover book than I recommend racing out to your local bookstore and buying a copy. The price isn't cheap, but for anyone into the history of the town that is Hollywood, this book is worth having in the collection.

The Story of Hollywood contains many interesting facts and stories about the city, but what makes this book even more appealing are the stunning and rare photos of Hollywood. What kinds of photos? You'll see gorgeous black and white photos of Hollywood when it was nothing more than farmland. You'll see pictures of amazing buildings that used to be in Hollywood but were eventually torn down (probably to be replaced with a tacky strip mall!). This book contains images of the Hollywood everyone thinks of.

Greg Williams will also be doing a book signing so, if you live in the Hollywood area, or will be in town this coming weekend, bring your book and get it signed by the author! If no one stops me, I'll try and take some video footage and some pictures to put up here on Dear Old Hollywood. Check back next week and hopefully I'll have more to share on this event for those who can't attend.


Katie said...

I would kill for that book!! Have fun and report back.

Dr Bitz said...

I have a copy and it bar none the best on the history of the city. amazing images, well researched and just when you thought you knew something, he blows you away with something new! Get this book.


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