Monday, January 5, 2009

Peter Bogdanovich is Guest Programmer at the New Beverly Theatre

Director, writer, producer, actor, and Hollywood historian Peter Bogdanovich will be a guest programmer at the New Beverly Theatre in Los Angeles beginning later this month. Bogdanovich, who's work includes "The Last Picture Show," "What's Up Doc," and "Mask" to name a few, has selected films that have inspired him for the New Beverly Theatre to showcase. The theatre will also be showing a selection of some of Bogdanovich's own films.
Some films that Bogdanovich has selected include the Alfred Hitchcock directed, Cary Grant starrer, "North by Northwest," and the Orson Welles picture, "Touch of Evil." I think the highlight will be seeing Bogdanovich's own black & white masterpiece, "The Last Picture Show," which plays January 21 and 22. Bogdanovich himself may even be making appearances at some of the screenings!
To see all the films that the New Beverly Theatre is showing click here.
Here is a video of Peter Bogdanovich on the Dick Cavett show discussing his reason to make "The Last Picture Show" in black & white:

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Bill said...

Interesting article Robby; It's hard to believe now that smoking was so common that they even smoked on national tv shows like Cavett, et al.


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