Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live Like a Mogul: Harry Warner Home for Sale

501 S. Rossmore Ave, Los Angeles - Harry Warner Home
Another Hollywood mogul's old home is up for sale. Just a couple weeks ago Cecil B. Demille's home went up for sale and now one of the former homes of Warner Brothers Studios co-founder, Harry Warner, is now on the market at a reduced price of $3.675 million. The home, located at 501 S. Rossmore Ave in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, was built in 1923 but only lived in for a few years by Warner himself. Warner sold the home to help finance the Al Jolson film, one of the first major talking pictures, The Jazz Singer (1927). One of the greatest parts of this home is that the original screening room in the basement where Warner would entertain other Hollywood guests still remains.
More information and photos of the home can be found by visiting Curbed LA.

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