Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scenes of Los Angeles in 1946

Check out this video, an MGM presentation of James Fitzpatrick's "Voice of the Globe" Travel Talks, featuring footage from Los Angeles and Glendale, California in 1946. The video starts with scenes of California wildflowers, but the really interesting scenes start 3 minutes into the video. There are clips of Hollywood Boulevard, the Chinese Theater, CBS Studios in Hollywood, NBC Studios in Hollywood (now demolished), the Fairfax Farmer's Market, and even Forrest Lawn Cemetery which I just previously did a post on.
I think it's very interesting to see what's changed since 1946 and what looks pretty much the same. My two favorite clips are those showing the old deco NBC building before it was demolished and the Chinese Theater before the huge Hollywood & Highland complex stood next door.


Dr Bitz said...

Have you seen the Traveltalk on just Hollywood in the 30s? I have it it off of a DVD. I think it was on a Valentino DVD

Robby Cress said...

Dr Bitz,

I haven't seen that one. I'm sure I would enjoy it though.

Dr Bitz said...

Here's a link to the Hollywood Tour video. It was not a Traveltalk, I was mistaken, but in color!

Unknown said...

At 3.08 there's some great footage of the old Hotel Hollywood where most of the early movie stars and moguls stayed as the fledgling movie industry took root. The Hotel was owed by Almira Hershey who was not the Choc'olate heiressas some people speculate.She was a distant relative of Milton Hershey however her Father made his fortune from Lumber and farming. When Almira died C E Toberman bought the Hotel and razed it in 1956 to build a Office block the rest of the land was a car lot.It certainy blotted Tobermans otherwise good copy-book in terms of poperty development however he was then in this 90's.


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