Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow White's Home for Sale

Adriana Caselotti, Voice of "Snow White"

The name Adriana Caselotti may not be instantly recognizable, but her voice sure is. At the age of 18, Caselotti starred in her one and only film, performing the voice of Snow White in Disney's 1937 film. The home that Caselotti had lived in, located at 201 S. Larchmont Blvd in the Larchmont neighborhood of Los Angeles, is currently up for sale. The asking price is $1.499 million.

Home of Adrianna Caselotti (a.k.a. Snow White)

To view more photos of the house, including many interior photos, visit the Curbed LA post by clicking here.


A said...

Very cool. I'd love to live in Snow White's cottage

Zinnia Cress said...

i have to say, snow white is probably one of my favorite disney films- perhaps i liked snow white best cos she was brunette. :) what a fun and cute picture, her darling voice matched her darling looks!:)

and oh-la-la! i'm putting this house on my christmas wish list... can i have it pretty please??? :)



Snow White meets the Tiki Room.

rocket9 said...

I have, over 3 days, just read the entirety of your wonderful site. My eyes are hurting from strain but it was worth it. I think Snow White's house matches up with my mind's eye version. A Hollywood version...hee hee

Robby Cress said...

Amanda, yes, I agree. I would love to live in that house.

Zinnia, Her voice really did match the look of the character. I can't imagine anyone else doing the voice.

Sky Princess, That was my thought exactly. The house really does have the feel of the Tikiroom on the inside. All it needs are some talking birds :)

Rocket9, Thanks for dropping by. I can't believe you were able to make it through all the posts on this site!

rocket9 said...

Me it's like catnip. I have a great love for the movies (all eras) and seeing the actual locations of some of the great films (and even some of the not so great) brings a new perspective on them.

Guggenheim said...

Born in Santa Monica in the 40’s and raised in West L.A. during all of the 50’s when Hollywood still meant something, I am delighted to have stumbled across your Blog. It seems well researched of the facts as well as the anecdotes we old fans love. You’ve cleared up one misconception of mine, that of being the police station used in Rebel Without a Cause. I’d always believed it was the real West L.A. Branch until I saw your photo’s with my own eyes. Please continue your fascinating work and respect for the history of the area I knew and loved so well. Thank you.

Robby Cress said...


Thanks for finding your way to my blog and I'm glad you enjoy. I hope will continue to find posts here that pique your interest. I've got many great anecdotes yet to be written :)


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