Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Just Bought Walt Disney's Los Feliz Home!

Walt Disney's Residence at 4053 Woking Way

Ok, so I didn't buy Walt Disney's home. I was just fantasizing.  But, if you haven't heard, Walt's former residence at 4053 Woking Way in the Los Feliz hills is up for sale. If you have $3,650,000 you could live just like the creative studio mogul. All of these photos (and there are more where these came from) are from the official Walt Disney LA Home website. I picked a few of my favorite rooms.

Love the stained glass touches!

Can you picture Walt and wife Lillian 
brushing their teeth together here?

I bet Walt read a lot of scripts here.

The pool where Walt would invite some of his animators 
over to enjoy on hot summer days like the country is having now.

Isn't this ceiling great? It looks like a fairy tale home.

I wish I could afford to move into this home, but unfortunately, it's just a little out of my price range. I only hope, that whoever does end up purchasing this home, they preserve the unique design details. It always sickens me when some classic Hollywood home is torn down only to be replaced by a large, modern, and gaudy building. 

Your thoughts?


Imagineerforever said...

Silent Film Designer Harry Oliver designed the storybook restaurant Walt frequented most, the Tam O' Shanter. I wonder if he did the poolhouse?

I want that place and I want it now.

Melissa said...


Gavin Freitas said...

Hey Robby. I was just over at 4053 Woking way home today and saw the pool. According to the realtor lady (who showed us old photos) there was NO pool there when Walt lived there from 1932-1950. What's bugging me is I'm trying to find out what house Walt was at with his kids at the pool. I would see a pool with a city landscape in it. Don't know, ugh. Maybe the pool was built later, but no old photos support that theory :( Cool sight

Robby Cress said...

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for the comment. That is pretty cool that you got to tour the house.

Regarding the pool, maybe there was a pool during Walt's time, but then replaced by another pool? In the wonderful documentary, "Walt: The Man Behind the Myth" Walt's daughter Diane describes there home in the Los Feliz Hills and how she remembers the animators coming over to swim in the pool. They show a modern day shot of the exterior of the house and then video footage of people swimming in the pool with a view of the undeveloped hills in the background. The clip is about 35 minutes in if you own the dvd. I'll put up some screenshots.

Gavin Freitas said...

I think your right because I also have that DVD and I swore Diane Disney said people would come over and swim. I'm sure the Realtor's wrong. But here's where it gets tricky. The little Snow White house must have been moved at some point because you see grass in front it during the footage of Diane falling from the door. Or the pool was put in a few years later. Beautiful view from the pool overseeing the city. They did get a offer on the house BTW. NO ONE from Disney studios wanted it however. The place is a museum as far as I'm concerned.

Robby Cress said...


Thanks for the update. I wonder if the potential buyers are Disney fans or just looking for a nice home. Let's hope that they don't change the house too much. Walt and Lillian eventually moved out the Woking Way home into a house at 355 Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills neighborhood. Unfortunately, after the house was sold the new owners tore the building down and built a new large mansion in its place. How could anyone do that!

Don Hudson said...

I love that bathroom tile! I've just moved into a 1920s home and my wife and I want to redo the bath with period detail.

Classicfilmboy said...

If we all chip in, could we buy the house??? :)

David said...

The pool in question was built at the Woking Way address. head over to my blog and check out some 1930s images of the house. Cheers, David

Unknown said...

I lived @ 4041 woking way, the home there sits on walts old back yard, which was built in the 60s, that house has walts original pool, Olympic size with his and hers cabanas and an amazing view!

Unknown said...

Leno LaBianca bought 4053 Woking Way in '62.. sold it in '68..
4053 Woking Way address was listed on wife, Rosemary's driver license at the time of their gruesome murder on Waverly Drive, by the Manson Family in '69..

Jasmine said...

Thanks, STATS! I was just looking at that and wondering why that's not mentioned anywhere except on one of the Manson websites.


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