Saturday, March 10, 2012

Liberace and Terry Thomas Duet

Liberace and Terry Thomas Duet

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy both at work and at home. On the home front, my wife and I have been getting ready to welcome a daughter into our lives. We've been slowly turning what was once our office/craft room space into a little girl's bedroom, buying all the baby essentials, and reading up on birthing methods. Honestly, my wife has been the more studious one - doing most of the reading. Although, I can say I have attended classes and seen my fair share of pregnancy related documentaries - which there are many - just do a quick search on Netflix. 

With dwindling free time I'm taking a relaxing break to catch up on some YouTube fluff. I came across the video above of Liberace and actor Terry Thomas singing a duet of, "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Has Anyone Seen My Girl?)." It's a fun and silly song, with Liberace and Thomas adding in some of their own improvisations. My favorite line is when Liberace says, "pearls and sequins, jewels and furs" and Thomas jumps in with "enough about you and now about her."


Irene Palfy said...

That's wonderful about you getting ready to welcome a daughter! All the best to you!! :")

And: thanks for sharing this Liberace clip - always enjoyable!

Have a lovely Sunday!

KC said...

Good luck with the little one. Books can be helpful, but you'll be surprised what you know instinctively once you've got the baby in your arms. It can all be ridiculously fun if you don't let the sleep deprivation get to you!

Jake Gariepy said...

Great, great blog. So happy to find so many of my favorite movie's locations here! "Strangers When We Meet", "Bachelor in Paradise"... Two fab films and the best locations and sets ever. Makes me want to travel back in time!

Congrats on the new baby. Very exciting. Believe me, I know... I am 38 and the father of 8... 1 girl (18) and 7 boys (1-17). It's a wild ride, but a good one!

I'll be using the info here to visit some of these locations on my next trip to LA. I must say, I am a little envious of those living there already!

Jake Gariepy said...

I meant to mention one more thing... A look at the locations for "Move Over Darling" would be such fun. I am not sure if you take requests, but if you do, that's on the top of my list!

Robby Cress said...


Thank you the encouraging remarks!


I hope your right. I'm definitely excited for fatherhood. I envision myself as Steve Martin in PARENTHOOD or Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom. I'm sure I'll figure things out as I go. Thanks for wishing me luck!


Thanks for the complements on the blog and for the encouraging words on fatherhood. That's incredible that you have 8 kids! You truly can speak from experience :o I don't usually take requests, otherwise, I feel I may be bombarded with requests, but MOVE OVER, DARLING is one I have actually been wanting to do. Keep checking back. I'm sure I'll get to that one in the near future.

Paul D. Marks said...

Hey Robby,

Congratulations on the baby! And good luck with all the preparations.

Okay, I hate to admit -- but I actually saw Liberace live in Vegas.

I was there for some kind of charity benefit. And it was preempting his show and stage for the night of the benefit. But he came out in the middle of the proceedings and did a few songs. And I also hate to admit that he was actually very entertaining, a lot of fun and a good sport. I never would have purposefully gone to see Liberace, but in retrospect I'm glad that I did, even if sort of by accident.

Laura said...

What wonderful news, Robby! Looking forward to hearing the good news that your little one is here. After I had our firstborn I had three more so you know I recommend the experience. :) And what fun you'll have introducing her to classic movies -- that will come faster than you expect!

Best wishes,

Robby Cress said...


What a happy accident. My wife and I were talking about how fun Liberace probably would have been to see in concert. He really seemed like quite the showman. Thanks for sharing the story.


I'll share the good news once she arrives :) We are still holding tight - but any day now! I'm already looking forward to introducing Hazel to classic movies. She will be a little cinephile from day one :)

Laura said...

Hazel was my Grandma's name! Nice classic choice. :) Sharing "good stuff" like classic films is one of the joys of parenting.

Best wishes,

Zinnia Cress said...

this was a great post Cutie, Liberace always brings a smile to my face. Hazel will too... once she decides to wiggle on out! :o)


rocket9 said...

Robby, thanks for all you do with this blog. It's fascinating reading for many of us. I have never been to California but you really help me get a feel for the place..both historically and how it is in the present day.

And my best to you and your wife..I wish you many happy days with your new baby..


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