Sunday, March 31, 2013

What Classic Hollywood Film Star Biography Would You Like to See Written?

Ann Dvorak

For the past decade enthusiastic Ann Dovrak fan and collector, Christina Rice, has been researching the life of her favorite classic movie star. Rice has been chronicling her research on her website, Good news for us classic Hollywood fans, according to Rice on her website, she has accumulated enough research to complete a book and an upcoming Ann Dvorak biography is expected to be released later in 2013. 

Rice's dedication to completing a biography on Dvorak had got me thinking of all the other classic Hollywood movie stars that still have never gotten the book treatment. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, Katharine Hepburn have, and will continue to have, many biographies written about them. Meanwhile, stars like Dennis Morgan, Glenda Farrell, Marilyn Maxwell, Frank McHugh, Jack Carson, and Frank Morgan are just a few stars from Hollywood's Golden Age that have never had an in-dephth biography written about them. I'm sure we could come up with a long list of stars that deserve the detailed biography treatment.

Is there a star from Hollywood's Golden Age that you would like to see some scholar or enthusiastic fan write a biography? Please share your suggestions in the comments section. I'm curious how many stars with no in-depth biography we can come up with.


KC said...

I'd love to read a Theresa Wright biography.

FlickChick said...

As soon as I read the headline I said "Ann Dvorak"! I am so eagerly awaiting this!

Vienna said...

Good topic and I can't wait for Ann Dvorak biography.
Oh yes, Theresa Wright would be a good idea. I'd add other favorites of mine - Audrey Totter, Ann Sheridan, Robert Ryan,Celeste Holm,Van Heflin,Jane Russell,Richard Widmark.

Vienna's Classic Hollywood

Robby Cress said...


Teresa Wright is a great suggestion!


Celeste Holm is another I haven't seen biography for that I wouldn't mind reading.

Christina R. said...

Thanks for the post, Robby! This is actually one of a few photos I submitted for the cover of the book. Not sure what the publisher is going with yet.

I vote for Glenda Farrell, Aline MacMahon, and an updated Paul Muni bio.

Robby Cress said...

Hi Christina,

Isn't that a great photo?! - would make a nice cover for the book - but I'm sure there are countless stunning Ann pics to choose from.

Regarding Paul Muni, I agree and updated bio would be nice. I'm sure we can really add to the list including actors that have not had a bio written in a long time. Some of those early early bios are short on the details.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Unknown said...

Norma Shearer or George Raft (rumour has it he had some pretty interesting mob ties)

Christian Esquevin said...

I always think of Ann Harding as a forgotten screen beauty. Her look was so ethereal that I imagine her just evaporating from the screen.

Silver Screenings said...

Ooh - yes, a George Raft bio would make for some juicy reading!

Nick Patterson said...

Nix on Teresa Wright, as much as I like her as an actress I feel her life doesn't warrant a full-on bio. Raft may be interesting because of his underworld connections. My big problem with Raft is I don't like him personally. He seemed to have an inflated sense of self {he did turn down High Sierra and Maltese Falcon}. Shearer had a first rate bio by a first rate author, Gavin Lambert. I believe it is still available on Amazon and is worth every penny. I would go for Heflin, Ann Sheridan, Mary Astor or a new, worthy bio on Alan Ladd. Beverly Linet wrote one in the 80's on Ladd, but I feel like an up to date one is in order. More than the actor, I think alot depends on who the author is. Patrick McGilligan, Scott Eyeman, Joseph McBride, to name just a few offer up AAA efforts on whomever they write about.

Ginny said...

I'd love to read biographies of two of my favorites, Claire Trevor and Joseph Cotten. I know he wrote an autobiography, but I'm not sure if anyone else has written about him.

Unknown said...

I would love a biography on Joan Blondell,she started in films with James Cagney and was married to Dick Powell and Mike Todd,i think her story would be quite interesting.


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