Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bronk (1975-76) - Film Locations: Banning House

Another landmark that can be seen in the pilot episode of the television series BRONK (1975-76) starring Jack Palance is the Banning House. Built in 1863, the Banning House was originally the home of Phineas Banning, a businessman and entrepreneur known as "The Father of the Port of Los Angeles." Banning was also one of the founders of Wilmington, the neighborhood in Los Angeles where this house can be found. Since 1927 the Banning House property has been owned by the City of Los Angeles and is currently operated as a museum.

In BRONK, the Banning House is used as the location for a convalescent hospital where Jack Palance's daughter is living. In the scene below we see Palance pulling out of the front driveway.

Palance leaving the Convalescent Hospital / Banning House.

The Banning House, 401 E M St, Wilmington, CA

In the next shot we can see the view looking across the street from the Banning House driveway. The house on the corner in the screenshot is still standing.

Palance exits the Convalescent Hospital.

Looking across E. M St, from the Banning House.

To learn more about the Banning House visit The Banning Museum website. Coming up on August 16, the Banning House will be having a 150th Anniversary celebration on the property that will be "in the spirit of the Rancho-period of the Banning property." There will be live country music, country style dancing, and a "good old fashioned BBQ buffet" provided by The Outdoor Grill.

BRONK: THE COMPLETE SERIES is currently available for streaming through Warner Archive Instant.

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