Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bob's Frolic Room in Hollywood

6245 Hollywood Blvd, Bob's Frolic Room

Bob's Frolic Room, located at 6245 Hollywood Blvd, is THE dive bar of Hollywood. Originally Freddy's Frolic Room the place opened up as Bob's at the end of Prohibition. Ever since this no flash, dark and simple bar has attracted the working class Hollywood crowd. This isn't the place you will see stars. However, Bob's Frolic Room is a star in it's own right having been featured in several television shows and feature films, inlcuding L.A. Confidential and the Black Dahlia.
Kevin Spacey as Jack Vincennes in L.A. Confidential outside Frolic Room

Bob's Frolic Room, Hollywood, CA

Because the bar is located next door to the Pantages Theatre you will often see a crowd of theatre goers around showtimes. This would be the place to grab a cheap drink before your show starts.

Inside is a mural of old cinema legends but beyond that there is nothing exciting worth writing about. This is a simple bar where people come to drink - not for a trendy atmosphere.


Lolita of the Classics said...

Eeeh... did I read "Bob's Frolic Room"? Is it just in Sweden "Frolic" is a brand of dog food? Don't sound very classy at all!

tovangar2 said...

antheIt's not a hand-painted mural on the walls of the Frolic Room but some wallpaper of Al Hirsfield caricatures. It's charming though. The light fixtures are great and, of course, the signage is superb!

Unknown said...

Originally manufactured in 1955 but said to be installed in 1962, most examples are black and white so someone might've painted the wallpaper, which there are a few examples including on in the artists former residence. The full cast of characters includes: George Bernard Shaw, Harpo Marx, Tallulah Bankhead, Louis Armstrong, W.C. Fields, Eddie Cantor, Benny Goodman, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Elsa Maxwell, Marlene Dietrich, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan Crawford, Arturo Toscanini, Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso, Jimmy Durante, Groucho Marx, Danny Kay, Clark Gable, Buster Keaton, Marcel Marceau, Edward G. Robinson, Adolphe Menjou, Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, and Charlie Chaplin.


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