Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Would You Do With a Check Signed by a Celebrity?

In his memoir, The Garner Files, actor James Garner mentions how when he got famous he couldn't go anywhere without someone approaching him for an autograph. Garner explains that he usually would just smile and write out his name, that it was easier than turning someone down and no feelings got hurt. According to Garner, Paul Newman stopped signing autographs after a guy approached him at urinal with a pen and paper. When the Dirty Harry films were in release, Garner says that Clint Eastwood used to get requests from people to autograph their guns. And Garner mentions that "Gary Cooper wrote checks for everything - gasoline, cigarettes, groceries, meals in restaurants - because he knew most of them wouldn't be cashed."

That got me thinking. If a celebrity wrote you a check for something, would you cash that check or frame it for the autograph?

That's a pretty clever idea on Gary Cooper's part.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jim Rockford and the "Paramount House"

In The Rockford Files season 2 episode, "In Hazard," Jim Rockford (James Garner) discovers a body inside the garage of a suburban house. The home just happens to be the former "Paramount House" which used to be located on Universal Studios Colonial Street backlot and was originally constructed for the film The Desperate Hours (1955) starring Humphrey Bogart and Fredric March. Below is a comparison of the Paramount House as seen in The Rockford Files episode and in The Desperate Hours.

The "Paramount House" in The Rockford Files.

The house looks mostly the same except for in The Rockford Files episode there is the addition of a lower roof. What I find most interesting is seeing how the tree in the front lawn has grown in 20 + years between Desperate Hours and Rockford Files. The tree trunk and branches still maintain the same shape, but by the time of the Rockford Files the tree is much larger and fuller.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

It's been a little quiet here on the blog, I know, but that's because offline I've been very busy. I've moved into a new place, my wife gave birth to another daughter, and I picked up some new responsibilities at work. My free time has been very limited to say the least.

But don't worry. I'll be back soon with some new posts. However, instead of fewer lengthy posts I'll be trying to post shorter, but more frequent posts - so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to all the dedicated readers who keep checking back!


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