Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cary Grant Walks His Siamese Cat

Cary Grant with his Siamese Cat. Beverly Hills 1955.

Film scholar and writer Farran Nehme, a.k.a. the "Self-Styled Siren," posted the above picture taken in 1955 of Cary Grant walking his Siamese cat through Beverly Hills to her Twitter page. I couldn't resist looking up this corner of Beverly Hills to see if the location has changed. Below is a Google Street View screenshot showing the same corner. 

Click image to enlarge.

Southeast corner of Charleville Blvd and Swall Dr. Beverly Hills.
 (c) Google 2014

The location is the southeast corner of Charleville Blvd and Swall Dr in a residential part of Beverly Hills just a couple blocks from the high-end retailers and medical offices on Wilshire Boulevard. Unfortunately, the house that Grant passes now appears to be blocked by tall bushes, however, you can see part of the roof and the small chimney in the back.


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