Monday, March 23, 2009

"Golden History of Hollywood"

You've probably already heard that Warner Bros. is offering a new manufacturing on demand service (MOD) where consumers will be able to select from 115 different classic films never before released on DVD for a made-to-order DVD. The system places a DVD in a plastic case with custom artwork and ships the final product within 5 days. The Warner library includes not only Warner Bros. titles but also MGM and RKO, so there are many great classics to choose from. The price of a DVD is $19.95 or for only $14.95 you can opt for a digital download.
Check out the Warner Archive Collection at to see all the films that are available. Each month Warners will be adding 20 new titles for a total of 300 films available by years end. You can even go to the website and vote for the titles you would like to see available next.
In addition to the Warner Archive Collection, Warner Bros. will be doing an iTunes podcast series, Golden History of Hollywood. The podcast will include archival interviews with stars, radio editions of movies, and other material! Apparently, this podcast is supposed to be available in late March but I haven't seen anything on itunes quite yet.


Unknown said...

At first I thought they were actually releasing the DVDs... don't you agree that $19.99 is a little steep for DV-R? Anyway.. I guess beggars can't be choosers :)

Miss Matilda said...

ooohhhhh I'd like to see " Idiots delight "


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